Designing Governance Excellence

Great governing boards share some notable characteristics—first and foremost, they know their job and they do it well!  They are transparent and disciplined as they focus on and apply their knowledge to address strategic matters. They confidently and appropriately delegate authority to staff to make nimble operational decisions.  To establish and sustain trust, they effectively monitor and evaluate those with decision-making authority.

Governance excellence provides clarity as to what constitutes organizational success and instills trust in the capacity and competencies of board leaders, staff and volunteers.  It is achieved by governing boards that have the will to govern well by being transparent and accessible to the communities they serve and striving for consensus.

Organizations with strategic planning processes facilitated by Larry Merrill are guided in their decisions and actions by their collective vision, mission, values and goals that are strategic, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and timely.

Larry Merrill works with board members and senior management to develop the tools governing boards need to achieve excellence:

  • Board job description, including officers, committees and individual board members;
  • Board structure and process aligned with the organization’s purpose and legal requirements;
  • Rules of engagement for professional, collegial and collaborative communications, problem solving and decision-making;
  • Rules of procedure for meetings tailored to the board’s purpose, culture and the values to which it aspires;
  • Policies to delegate with clarity operational authority to staff, monitor results and maintain accountability;
  • Educational and interactive board and staff retreats to build effective teams, clarify values and resolve conflicts.